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Seed starter plugs, peat and and pellets provide a loose medium for starting seedlings. Peat moss pellets are shipped compressed and expand when watered. They can be placed in any sort of tray, and plastic form fitted trays are available with pellets included.

Open trays may dry out if placed near vents or windows. Sealed wet trays can produce mold unless ventilated. Balance airflow with watering to avoid mold. Placing a small amount of bleach or vinegar in the tray bottom can also prevent the mold growth.
Viagrow Super Plugs 50 Organic Seed Starter Plugs
Avg Price: US$ 19.09
Organic seedling growth medium plugs.
UPC: 013964305890   EAN: 0013964305890

Viagrow Super Plugs 100 Organic Seed Starter Plugs 1 x 1.25in
Avg Price: US$ 21.99
Organic seedling growth medium plugs.
UPC: 013964305883   EAN: 0013964305883

200 Count Jiffy Peat Soil 42MM Pellets Seeds Starting Plugs
Avg Price: US$ 26.99
Free root development, reliable substrate, ready and easy to use.
EAN: 7123290567985

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Planters Pride CRP0420 1000 Count Fiber Grow Premium Seed Starter Pellet
Avg Price: US$ 80.88
Seed starter pellets Fiber Grow pellets are dried and compressed in a secure fine mesh netting Pelle
UPC: 013500178001   EAN: 0013500178001

1000 pcs Case of Jiffy Peat Pellets 36mm
Avg Price: US$ 94.99
1000 Ct Full Case Jiffy Peat Pellets Seed Starter Soil Plugs 36 MM Start Seedlings Indoors Easy To T
UPC: 757281600848   EAN: 0757281600848

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Jiffy 5709 Mini Greenhouse Seed Starter with 6 Peat Moss Pellets and Clear Cover.
Avg Price: US$ 6.49
Mini greenhouse 6 is perfect for growers with limited space to start plants.
UPC: 033349057091   EAN: 0033349057091

Apollo Horticulture Germination Seedling 50-cell Seed Starter Tray With Humidity Dome
Avg Price: US$ 19.99
Seedling Starter Kit with 50 Seedling Inserts with 2 vent points for optimal airflow.
UPC: 849344038603   EAN: 0849344038603

Jump Start Hot House Mini Greenhouse W Heat Mat Tray 72 Cell Insert 7.5 Dome
Avg Price: US$ 37.29
Large seed starter mini greenhouse. Comes with 72 peat pellets, 1 tray and 1 clear dome.
EAN: 5557890045635

288 Cells Seedling Starter Trays W 10 Plant Labels and Seed Starter Guide By Coc
Avg Price: US$ 10.99
Empty seedling trays ideally sized to start all herb, veggie, flower seeds and rooted stems.
UPC: 867942000006   EAN: 0867942000006

720 Cells Standard Seedling Starter Trays W 20 Plant Labels and Seed Starter Guide
Avg Price: US$ 16.99
Empty seedling trays ideally sized to start all herb, veggie, flower seeds and rooted stems.
UPC: 867942000051   EAN: 0867942000051

Jiffy 5227 Seed Starter Greenhouse for 72 Plants 11x22in
Avg Price: US$ 7.99
Plastic tray and transparent plastic cover. The tray has 72 cells for planting seeds.
EAN: 7129984757946

Plastic Seed Starter Pots Seed Starting Planters Small 3.5 Diameter Pack of 24
Avg Price: US$ 8.99
Lightweight thin plastic, tapered round shape, punched out drainage holes.
UPC: 736902429280   EAN: 0736902429280

Mini Greenhouse Light Stand Kit For Germination and Propagation 10 x 20in Tray
Avg Price: US$ 92.99
Mini Greenhouse & Light Stand kit for Germination and Propagation includes 18in T5 HO Fluorescent, N
UPC: 488581014973   EAN: 0488581014973

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