A selection of home greenhouse products
Home Hydroponics
Hydroponic DWC/RDWC Buckets
Bucket gardens are popular for the space constrained. Self-contained hydroponics systems installed in a 3 to 5 gallon bucket. Modular systems that can share a circulation system.
Hydroponic Pumps and Filters
Air pumps, water circulation pumps, and filters for hydroponic systems.
Hydroponics Test and Calibration
Calibration and PH fluids, test kits, and measurement tools for managing hydroponic systems.
Hydroponic System Parts
Grow without soil: Hydroponic systems, irrigation, and soil alternatives.
Hydroponic Aerators and Tubing
Water aerators for hydroponic systems to oxygenate the water for best growth. Most aerators are also useful for ponds and fish tanks.
Hydroponic Fertilizers and Soil Alternatives
Growth media, soil substitutes, and hydroponic fertilizers.
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