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Hydroponics Hydroponic Aerators and Tubing
Aquaponics Hydroponics Air Diffuser Bubble Stone 100% Glass Bonded Silica
Avg Price: US$ 11.99
High-Quality Air Diffuser Measures: 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5in with 3/16in barb; Standard air line connection
UPC: 683405547433   EAN: 0683405547433

General Hydroponics GH5460 Spaghetti Tubing 1/8in 100ft
Avg Price: US$ 16.25
1/8-inch spaghetti tubing.
EAN: 7123290569590

General Hydroponics GH94029 1/4in Air Line Roll 100ft
Avg Price: US$ 23.99
1/4in air tubing, Inside diameter of 0.17 inch, 100ft roll.
UPC: 790345940290   EAN: 0790345940290

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General Hydroponics GH94015 Blue Tubing Roll 1/2in x 100ft
Avg Price: US$ 46.95
Blue 1/2" fill-and-drain tubing. Used to connect WaterFarm modules together.
UPC: 790345927079   EAN: 0790345927079

10pcs General Hydroponics GH4118 DLT Clips Holder For Drain Level Tubes
Avg Price: US$ 6.95
Replacement clip for Waterfarm drain level tube.
UPC: 793094041188   EAN: 0793094041188

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