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Cold frames are small open-bottom covers used to shield plants and seedlings from harsh weather. They are typically made of wood or aluminum frames with glass or rigid plastic covers and sides. Flexible plastic budget models are also available.

Some cold frames may be too lightweight for windy locations. Be sure to properly anchor the cold frame to the ground or structure.

The heat from a low wattage incandescent light bulb running inside a sealed cold frame and can prevent overnight frost.
Outsunny 7 x 3 x 2.6ft Portable Backyard Flower Garden Greenhouse
Avg Price: US$ 32.99
Lightweight, portable cold frame plant cover on a budget.
UPC: 700729272558   EAN: 0700729272558

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Zenport SH7005 ZD Folding Aluminum Cold Frame Greenhouse Foldable 3.3 x 1.6 x 1.3 ft
Avg Price: US$ 68.99
Clear polycarbonate cover allows for full sun exposure by day and keeps out the cold at night.
UPC: 700112237911   EAN: 0700112237911

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Gardman 7650 Large Wooden Cold Frame FSC Certified Timber Frame 35 x 31in
Avg Price: US$ 94.99
Wood frame and transparent sides. Tip up hinged top panels.
UPC: 151903563861   EAN: 0151903563861

Advantek Cold Frame Greenhouse
Avg Price: US$ 69.99
Compact wooden greenhouse, lightweight, weatherproof.
UPC: 877370004941   EAN: 0877370004941

Raised Wooden Cold Frame Greenhouse
Avg Price: US$ 149.95
Raised cold frame style greenhouse makes gardening and overnight storage of plants easy.
UPC: 956257145073   EAN: 0956257145073

Exaco Trading Company Twin Box 20375 Raised Bed With Cold Frame
Avg Price: US$ 159.99
Unique twin-box raised bed planter, made from heat insulating and frost resistant garden elements.
EAN: 9001567208756

Zenport SH3212A+BTP Garden Raised Bed and Cold Frame Greenhouse Cloche
Avg Price: US$ 41.99
Garden raised bed and cold frame greenhouse cloche for protected gardening in the yard and on deck,
EAN: 5662252268048

Exaco Trading Company Triple Box 20374 Raised Bed With Cold Frame
Avg Price: US$ 329.99
Triple-box raised bed planter, made from heat insulating and frost resistant garden elements. Each
UPC: 900156720374   EAN: 0900156720374

Exaco Juwel Biostar 1500 Premium Cold Frame
Avg Price: US$ 369.99
Patented design. UV-resistant, 10 year guarantee against yellowing of panes.
UPC: 889932704787   EAN: 0889932704787

Exaco Year Round Cold Frame 50 x 23 x 12-16in with two covers
Avg Price: US$ 184.99
Easy to assemble. Comes with 2 covers: Poly and Insect Netting.
EAN: 9001567203478

Palram Cold Frame Single 41 x 22 x 16in (approx)
Avg Price: US$ 45.99
Protects young seedlings from early season light frosts and protects them from pests and damaging wi
UPC: 894275000854   EAN: 0894275000854

Zenport SH7005 2 ZD Double Wide Folding Aluminum Cold Frame Greenhouse 3.3ft X 3.3ft
Avg Price: US$ 102.99
Rigid aluminum framework resists strong winds and inclement weather. Top access via flip up lids.
UPC: 700112237904   EAN: 0700112237904

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Homewell Compact Greenhouse Cloche 6ft x 3ft x 3ft (approx)
Avg Price: US$ 27.99
Cost effective small greenhouse for limited spaces, backyards and rooftops.
UPC: 753807197281   EAN: 0753807197281

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