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Water control and management systems automate the process of watering plants. Zoned systems can provide different watering levels to different types of plants. Computer controlled and standalone systems provide various levels of complexity to the automation.
Digital Temperature Humidity Meter Hygrometer and Thermometer For Greenhouse and Hydroponics TH 812
Avg Price: US$ 21.99
Digital Temperature and Humidity Measurement for Hydroponics, Gardening, Greenhouse.
UPC: 096802970849   EAN: 0096802970849

Schaefer VK12 Versa Kool Air Greenhouse Circulation Fan 12in 1470cfm 1/10hp 115/230V
Avg Price: US$ 178.50
White Powder coated steel fan guards. Model VK12 1/10 hp, 115/230 volts, 1.3/.65 amps, 1725 rpm.
UPC: 717490342182   EAN: 0717490342182

Schaefer VK20 Versa Kool Air Greenhouse Circulation Fan 20in 5473cfm 1/3hp 115/230V
Avg Price: US$ 224.99
Patented fan guard spacing is larger than traditional basket fans and provides more air movement.
UPC: 717490342199   EAN: 0717490342199

Phat Filter 450 CFM Greenhouse Air Purification IGSPF206
Avg Price: US$ 94.99
Removes odor, Professional grade, Made with high absorption 1200mg/g iodine number, virgin charcoal.
EAN: 6943764510955

75FT Garden and Greenhouse Landscaping Irrigation Plant Watering Drip Hose Sprinkler System Kit
Avg Price: US$ 15.95
Perfect for patio, atrium and greenhouse plants and can be adjusted to accommodate troughs, pots, ha
UPC: 717029398031   EAN: 0717029398031

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CO2METER Rad 0501 Day Night CO2 Monitor and Controller
Avg Price: US$ 199.00
Controls CO2 in a greenhouse.
UPC: 040232341755   EAN: 0040232341755

Autopilot Greenhouse Master Controller 2017 Model New Firmware
Avg Price: US$ 479.00
Precise temperature, humidity and CO2 control. Controls up to 4 devices.
EAN: 6853848721095

Large LCD Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer Humidity
Avg Price: US$ 8.99
Aode Easy Read Display 130021.
UPC: 520684440713   EAN: 0520684440713

Digital Environmental Controller With Remote Probe Autopilot APCETHD
Avg Price: US$ 179.99
Autopilot Digital Environmental Controller controls temperature and humidity within your growing are
UPC: 638104005951   EAN: 0638104005951

Sentinel DEC-4 Digital Environmental Controller
Avg Price: US$ 229.99
Combination temperature humidity and light level sensor allows users to take accurate plant-level re
EAN: 6944845010265

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