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Backyard greenhouses come in a variety of size and designs. There are many designs from simple walk-in flexible polyethylene structures to larger structure made from aluminum frames and rigid polycarbonate plastic panels.
Peak Backyard Walk-in Greenhouse With Integrated Shelving 6ft x 8ft x 6.5ft
Avg Price: US$ 219.99
Triple-layer, translucent UV-treated waterproof cover.
EAN: 4437999999972

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Large Walk In Greenhouse With Clear Cover 12 Shelves and Stands 3 Tiers 56 x 56 x 77in (approx)
Avg Price: US$ 99.99
Ideal for herbs and flowers. Heavy duty metal steel shelving. High quality clear cover.
UPC: 644221870570   EAN: 0644221870570

Premium Greenhouse Kits Hexagonal With Shelves 6.4 x 7.4ft
Avg Price: US$ 169.99
Zipper door allows easy access and great ventilation for plants.
UPC: 755263232032   EAN: 0755263232032

New 8 Shelves Greenhouse Portable Mini Walk In Outdoor Green House 2 Tier Allow More Sunlight To Keep Plants Warm and Good For T
Avg Price: US$ 74.99
Heavy duty threaded PE cover, with zippered door for easy access.
UPC: 746125087167   EAN: 0746125087167

Planter Green Walk In Portable Greenhouse Short Depth Mini Shelves 56 x 29 x 77in
Avg Price: US$ 54.99
Short depth suits smaller spaces such as patios or rooftops. Mesh reinforced PE cover.
UPC: 047393203601   EAN: 0047393203601

Homewell Clear Mini Walk In Greenhouse 3 Tiers 6 Shelves 56 x 29 x 77in
Avg Price: US$ 59.99
Strong and durable frame built with heavy-duty powder coated metal.
UPC: 753807197298   EAN: 0753807197298

Walk In Clear Greenhouse 6 Shelf 3 Tier 55 x 28 x 76in
Avg Price: US$ 59.99
Measures 4' 7" L x 2' 4" W x 6' 4' Tall.
UPC: 638888629121   EAN: 0638888629121

8.5 x 6ft Polycarbonate Greenhouse With Roof Vent
Avg Price: US$ 1599.99
8.5 x 6 ft.
UPC: 699178248699   EAN: 0699178248699

Greenhouse Geodesic Dome 16ft With Marine Poly Cover
Avg Price: US$ 1295.00
Geodesic Design - Great in high winds and hurricane like situations. Galvinized Steel Frame 1/2in.
UPC: 634324861513   EAN: 0634324861513

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