A selection of home greenhouse products
Cold Frame Greenhouses
Cold frame hotboxes for extending the season or rooftop gardening.
Backyard Greenhouses
Medium size walk-in greenhouses for backyards. Available with rigid polycarbonate plastic panels and aluminum frame structure.
Mini Greenhouses
Mini greenhouses for use indoors or on a patio or balcony. Light duty plastic or wood frames and platic sheeting.
Large and Commercial Greenhouses
Hoop houses and large greenhouses. Temporary poly and aluminum construction, up to climate controlled steel structures.
Hydroponic Grow Tents & Boxes
Indoor hydroponics growing systems in a tented greenhouse designed for internal lighting.
Systems and supplies. Hydroponics include plants grown in liquid, but in common use also includes growing plants in soil with only artificial light.
Greenhouse Roofing
Polycarbonate and Lexan sheets for greenhouses roofs and walls.
Greenhouse Climate Systems
Water control systems, pumps, misters and irrigation. Ventilation and air systems.
Greenhouse Accessories
Tools, monitors, weather equipment for use in greenhouses and other garden areas.
Grow Lighting
Grow lights, hydroponics lighting, and mounting systems. Low and high power light bulbs. Also see our hydroponics section.
Fertilizers and Soil Amendments
Soil additives and fertilizers to optimize plant growth.
Seed Starters
Seed starter plugs, peat and and pellets provide a loose medium for starting seedlings.
Books - Greenhouses and Hydroponics
Books on greenhouse design, building, and use.
Toy Greenhouses and Education Labs
Educational gardening and greenhouse kits. Toys and models of greenhouses.